Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Polar Express Train Ride

Grandma and Grandpa got us all tickets to go on a train ride in Oregon with the Polar Express theme!  Cody was beyond excited to be on the Polar Express!
He even got his own ticket like the kids have in the movie!
We let him sit on the table so he could see out better.

He was so proud of the ticket!

The conductor even came and "punched" it like he does in the movie.
The "hobo" that lives on top of the train even stopped by to say hi and drink hot-hot-hot hot chocolate with us!

We also got cookies!
Santa came for a visit.  Since it was after Christmas the Polar Express was taking him back to the North Pole.  We dropped him off at a stop and all waved bye to him.
Santa left him a bell just like in the movie!

Cody loved riding the Polar Express and if you ask him what a conductor says he says "ALL ABOARD...THIS IS THE POLAR EXPRESS!" And he still carries his ticket around!

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  1. Cody's dream come true!! The Polar Express--the real one :) Great pictures friend!