Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silly Cody

Cody has just started asking to wear his sunglasses and if it's too sunny he says "go away sun!"
Cody loves to push around his shopping cart.  Sometimes he pushes around his cars or play food but on this day he opened the patry and put all the food on the bottom shelf in his cart and declared "I go shopping mommy!" He was so proud!
Cody was such a tropper one day before Christmas running errand with me. I let him take in his "videos" (iPad) and watch them in the shopping cart. It started out like this:
....and then he rearranged the cart to enjoy the videos like this:
We spent the day at Mary's house playing and this is how we found Cody. 
He wore his gloves around for hours one day and would not let me take them off. Each finger has a number on it and he loved counting!
Even when it's super cold outside Cody wants to be in the backyard!

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