Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 19th...Cody's "actual" Birthday

 Cody knows his birthday is May 19th and has been waiting for that day for awhile.  Since we had his party early we kept telling him we would have a family party on May 19th. We had saved our gifts to him for that day.  Since "baby sister" was 5 days old we did not go to church but he waited patiently for daddy to get home and Bubbie to come over before opening his gifts. 
Grandpa and Grandma sent a package that he waited two days to open!
 We got him a book that he wanted to start reading right then.  Bubbie got him an indoor trampoline that he loves!
 This kid loves garbage trucks and here he is with his newest one!
 My mom brought him his cake!
 Daddy and the birthday boy!
 Sampling the cake!
 Cody and my mom (Bubbie)!
And Karis (5 days old) got snuggles too!

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