Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Morning

We had fun setting out everything for the kids to wake up to Christmas morning!
 It's always fun to be able to give a gift that is not expected. Cody has wanted a motorized car for years! We decided this was probably our last year to be able to gift him his #1 asked for gift before he out grew it. He was beyond excited and never expected it because our answer was always "it's too much money". I found this on a garage sale site and it was in perfect used condition. We replaced the battery and it was good as new! So much fun!!
 Karis loves to push things around and quickly fell in love with this miniture shopping cart from Target! And another favorite...Balls!! She LOVES balls of any size and color! So we got her a big girly princess ball! 
 The look on his face!! 
 Checking out his new ride!
She was all smiles too!
 Cody is the sweetest brother to Karis and helped her open her gifts.
 Time for a test drive! 
 We loved our day together as a family!  

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