Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fall 2014 Random-ness!

The one and only time I have had lunch with Cody! He loved having me there but decided he would rather sit with his friends at lunch instead of being at a table with just his mom. :) 
Karis really loves the carousel at our mall and this particular Friday night we rode it 3 times. She never wanted off a horse and Cody hopped from one option to another. 
Karis got to sit in cody's seat one day for a quick errand she she thought it was fun!

This sweet girl cannot get enough books! She LOVES to look at books!!
One Saturday while Karis was napping Cody wanted me to make foil cars for his monster trucks to crash. We had the best time!
He has always been a helper and was very proud to clean my windows.
Karis wanted to ride with Cody more than sit in her own car and he was happy to give her a ride on his go-cart.
She wanted to play instead of sleep!
Cody's Boosterthon run at school.
Reading with daddy before bed.
Karis wants to do everything her brother is doing! She loves to be right beside him and for the most part he doesn't mind. He is very sweet and patient with her.
Top Golf for lunch! So much fun!
He was HAPPY because it was just the 2 of us at Target and I told him he could pick out a match box car!
This is Cody's happy place. Once Karis started crawling and then standing and walking we quickly realized Cody needed his own area. And since his room is upstairs and he likes to be where we are we created a place in our living room for him. He can build legos and trains and its a place where is sister won't destroy his creations. 
Sherbert on a cone!
Cody enjoys doing homework! 
She loves to curl up in this chair....not the cute pink on next to it!
She loves parks and playgrounds!
Wearing her pink shirt from Grandma!
Cody was the go-getter for his class and get to bring home Yoda for the weekend! He was so happy!!

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