Monday, March 16, 2009

A week to myself and My Sweet Hubs!

Jason left Sunday afternoon with a friend to go to California to visit another friend until Thursday. He's been looking forward to this trip for several weeks and I've had a list of projects to do and friends to see while he's gone. Yesterday I went to a movie and to the Cheesecake Factory with Mary and Jennie. A much needed girl afternoon for all of us. And today I went to Arlington to visit my friend Lindsay and meet her 2 month old son, Brady. I also got my hair cut and highlighted and my eyebrows waxed. It felt good to get pampered since I'm hitting the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy....and I am finally over a cold and short stomach bug! Now if only I could figure out this pain in my's either a little foot, a pulled muscle or strained diaphram (according to the nurse I talked to over the phone). At least we ruled out gallstones! I can't complain, though, this pregnancy has been easy so far. A few aches and pains are bound to creep up at some point. Anyway, yesterday Jason mentioned that he needed to stop by the store on his way home from church, so I came home to make lunch for us before he left for the airport. When he walked in the door he had these flowers and a sweet card. I've loved having these flowers to look at this week while he's gone. He's always so sweet and thoughtful to do something like this before he leaves on a trip! Tomorrow is a work day and then going to get ice cream later in the evening with my friend April! She's 24 weeks pregnant with her 4th child so I'm sure we'll have some fun conversations. Jason sent a text earlier today that said he was in Hollywood! Don't worry, Mary, I told him to let us know if he sees any stars! Ha! :) Glad he's having am I, just close to home, where I'm most comfortable these days!


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  2. Hey friend he did great on the flowers! I have an idea--once the babies are born, let's go to California by ourselves and leave Daddies home to watch the kids...we'll find stars for sure on our own ;)