Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Hawaii Trip - Part 1 - Views

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we went to Hawaii to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary! We had been talking about where to go for a trip this year and I randomly said "Hawaii". I have always thought it would be a neat place to see but both of us prefer colder vacations...with mountains, maybe snow if we're lucky. A tropical vacation was something new for us. However, Jason started doing some investigation on my suggestion and chose The Big Island as a place that might be interesting to see. At first, plane tickets were really expensive so we set the idea aside for a while. However, one day we happened to look at airfare again and the tickets were really reasonable. We ended up getting both our tickets for less than the original cost of one. So, the planning began. On the Big Island we could get the ocean and the mountains...and Jason's favorite...3 National Parks! And we were also told that it's called a babymoon when you take a trip right before having a baby. So, I guess we accomplished both events! I entered my 3rd trimester half way through the trip. We had a great time! We rented a jeep and put 700 miles on it just driving around the Island enjoying all the sites to see. Here are a few of our favorite views!
On our drive up Mauna Kea Mountain
The next 3 pics were taken at a scenic stop along one of our drives
Taken at a Botanical Garden
This was was taken from our whale watching boat ride
I took this picture out the car window while we were driving back from being at Mauna Kea. The roads were bumpy and curvy but the sunset was beautiful and I tried my best to capture it.
Scenic stop on the way to the Botanical Gardens (next 3 pics)
Our first morning there we ate breakfast outside at tiny little
place called the " Coffee Shack" and this was our view.


  1. WOW those are beautiful pictures! I'm's official. Love seeing where y'all went and what you saw!!

  2. What beautiful pics! I would love to go there some day! Maybe David and I will vacation there one day as empty nesters. : )