Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Carley's Work Baby Shower

Last night I had a baby shower with my co-workers! I was amazed at how many people stayed late after work to come! Two of my girlfriends at work hosted it for me, along with my boss and his boss! Since there were men and women invited, Jason got to come and help open gifts. We had a great time and were very blessed by the generosity of my fellow co-workers!
One of my co-workers made this amazing cake! It was rustic/outdoor themed...which fits our nursery! It was white cake with white icing and tasted amazing!! Here is a close up of the little boy on the cake! So cute!!
8.5 months pregnant!
Hubby got to come!
(not sure I'll ever get used to pregnant pics of my round face!)
The food table! Everything was perfect!
This is a funny face. I opened a "wee block" that is used when changing little boys so you don't get sprayed! Yes, it was on our registry but funny to open and got lots of laughs!
I was so excited to get my boppy!
I wish I knew why we were making these faces. Someone must have been saying something funny!The Jungle Gym floor mat
We had a pile of gifts stacking up! Now they are piling up in our home and it's exciting to see baby stuff lying around!
These little outfits were too cute! One said "Property of Mom" and the other said "Daddy's Team".


  1. Very fun! My tip for baby food is "Super Baby Food"- it is huge and can be daunting but has a great index at the back for what and when to feed new eaters. Also great resource for what they need and how to make things healthier.

  2. What a great cake! If you have extra and don't bring me some I'm gonna be mad. And listen to Mama Em on baby food...Lord knows I punted on that one and buy it all. It'll be great to do it yourself :) Glad you got so many fun things and had a fun time!