Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Brother, My Mom and My Sister

I am a little behind in blogging. Partly because I needed Jason's help getting pictures off his camera and partly because I have not been on the computer much after work or on the weekend. When I get home from work my feet have been so swollen so I just sunggle up on the couch and get waited on by my awesome hubby! I have 2 showers that I need to post about so those will come soon.
We had a quiet Easter and enjoyed relaxing after church. Easter evening we had dinner at Saltgrass with my mom, Clay (my brother) and his friend Caitlin. Clay has not seen my pregnant belly (or chubby cheeks) since Christmas so it was fun to see his reaction! Kristin (my sister) lives in Austin so we did not get to see her for Easter. However, she was here the weekend before to attend my shower so it was good to see her then!


  1. Not far to go!!! Can't wait to see the shower pics. Wish I could have attended. Momma said it was wonderful and the house and food were fabulous. Hang in there!

  2. Super cute new background!! Blue and it. It's Springy too so it's a great one. I love that you and your mom do mirror poses in your pictures--shoot I just love your mom. I know she's jumping out of her skin to meet Bun! Lunch was fun--can you believe in less than a month we'll have babies when we all go out???? Good Lord!