Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diapers/Wipes Baby Shower with the Students

Since Jason is the High School Pastor at our church, the student ministries department wanted to give us a shower. Our good friends, Sean and Mary work with the students as well and are due with a baby girl 5 days after us. Now that's something you can't plan! Because this is their 3rd baby and they are already stocked with baby items and we have had 3 very generous showers the student ministries decided to host give us a combined diaper/wipes shower! It was really fun and a huge blessing because we are loaded up with diapers and wipes that will hopefully last for many many many months!
Jason, Carley, Mary and Sean
(Sean & Mary were both part of our wedding party, got married 6 months after we did and so now we are excited to be parents together)

34 weeks pregnant All the diapers and wipes Everything was decorated in pink/blue and brown!

The parents brought all kinds of yummy food! So many people put work into making this a special party for us!

Of course being a party with students we had some silly games that we played! Jason and Sean had to sniff the diapers and decide what kind of baby food was inside. There is just something wrong about these next two pictures! It was funny to watch them figure it out! They were great sports playing these games!
We also played a game that involved questions about each couple. They husbands has to answer which couple would most likely do whatever the question said by holding up the signs. For example: "which husband is most likely to get up with the baby during the night?". Then they would hold up the sign according to who they thought the answer should be. Mary and I got to give the final approval if they were right. Then they had a diaper changing challenge. Obviously we were blind folded and had to see who could change the diaper the fastest! Mary won! My mom!
Not much longer and our babies can meet!

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  1. Yay! You got better pictures than I did-I love the picture of you and your mom!!