Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cody is 4 months!!

These pictures are from his 4 month photoshoot! (I'm not sure why the photos uploaded with the white border but it's driving me crazy, oh well!)Cody is growing so fast! He is so much fun! Sometimes I look at him while he is sleeping and long for him to wake up and smile and play! I know that’s crazy and I’d never actually wake him up but he just looks so peaceful sleeping that it makes my mommy heart so full! He still LOVES his bumbo! He is completely content sitting in it. However, he’s gotten to where he can leave over and pick whatever is in reach up off the counter. We put him on the kitchen table while we are eating dinner and last night he picked up a whole bag of chips. He loved the sound the bag made. We don’t leave him unattended on the counter in case he was to topple out. He’ll sit in it while I’m cleaning the kitchen, cooking a meal, baking, making his bottle or doing whatever craft/project I am working on. He has outgrown his bath seat and now we just lay him in the bottom of the bathtub in a few inches of water to wash him. He loves taking baths and kicks his feet to splash. I let him play for a long time because he just enjoys it so much. He is grabbing everything in sight. He’ll actually pick up toys and hold them and they all go straight to his mouth! He loves the exersaucer. Probably for the same reason he likes the bumbo…..he is in an upright position! He loves to look around. He’ll bring the toys on the exersaucer to his mouth and lick on them for a long time! Cody also likes to watch the tv. So much so that sometimes it’s a distraction while he’s eating. He’s started to want to play half way through a bottle but we are trying to not let him do that and get him to finish it. However, sometimes it’s just too cute and he wants to talk and smile and coo! He has started to blow bubbles with his lips/spit and make any sort of noise he can with his mouth/tongue/lips. It’s hilarious! His newest trick is that he’s discovered his feet! He can’t get his toes to his mouth yet but he holds and touches them while staring at them intently. He still smiles at everyone! He comes towards Jason and I with an open mouth and we like to think he’s giving us kisses.He can roll over both ways. He does this while playing on the floor but when he’s in his crib and rolls to his back he forgets that he knows how to roll back over. When he’s playing he’ll roll over and over multiple times. He’s never in the same position I leave him in anymore! When we show him his bottle he kicks his feet and brings his hands to the bottle ready to direct it to his mouth….all while his lips have already started the sucking motion. It's soooo cute!! We play this game every time we make his bottle and have learned that we better be ready to give it to him the minute we show him or else there’s a meltdown! We’ve found his ticklish spots and love to make him giggle. He’s started wearing size 2 diapers now! We still have not had to buy diapers thanks to the big diaper shower the church gave us! That’s been a blessing! He wears size 3-6 month clothes. We go to his 4 month well check tomorrow and will talk about starting him on cereal! I can’t wait for him to be able to try something new. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and sleeps (for the most part) until 6:30 or 7. He still wakes up once around 3 to eat but I feed him, lay him back down and he goes back to sleep easily. I just can’t do anything to stimulate him or he wakes up too much, smiles big, kicks his legs and wants to play. I’m sure this feeding isn’t necessary at this age but it doesn’t bother me. As tired as I am with still getting up ½ way through the night I like it and am not ready to let him “cry it out”! I talk like I am but I’m really not. I’m hoping he’ll just do it himself and I think my body has gotten used to it! So, we are enjoying our little boy so much!! I can’t wait to take him to pumpkin patches next month. Not that he’ll even know but its fun to be able to do things like that as a family, start traditions….and hopefully get great pics! Cody will go on his first plane ride soon! We are taking him to Oregon to see Jason’s family. He hasn’t met his extended family up there yet and we can’t wait to show him off! We love you Cody, (Buddy, Stinker, Smiley, Wiggle Worm) and can't imagine life without you!

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  1. Happy 4 month birthday Cody! You're such a stud :)