Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Baby!

Everything goes in Cody's mouth these days...especially his hands! He tries really hard to put objects in his mouth but right now his fingers are easiest! He loves to sit in his bumbo!! The other day he sat on the counter, in his bumbo, holding and licking a plastic measuring spoon I gave him....and I made cookies! He loved to watch the mixer go in circles! He watched me and what I was doing the entire time. He smiles ALL the time! I'll walk into the room where he is and he'll look up and smile! It melts our hearts. He is one happy baby and we can't get enough of him. I wish time would slow down a bit! It's amazing how time flies (I sound like a mom now, huh?)! We love this boy!! Oh and by the way, Cody LOVES to watch the video in the previous post. He just smiles and "talks" to the baby in the video. It's so cute!


  1. He is adorable. Love that the kids have the fingers/thumb thing in common. One day when we're not looking they'll probably put each other's fingers in their mouths. I need to show my kids the video of him laughing--that'll probably entertain them for hours :)

    I'm so glad he's a happy baby!!

  2. He is growing up and he is precious!!!

  3. We miss you all 2! Come see us anytime!