Monday, October 12, 2009

Cody goes to Grandpa and Grandma's House

We recently got back from 5 days in Oregon! Jason's parents and most of his extended family live there and we took Cody to meet them. Our original plan was to just go at Christmas but as Cody started growing and changing so fast we decided to make a trip out there to show him off now. He's so fun and does funny things....and is changing daily! We're still going at Christmas and I'm sure he'll have all new tricks then. We have so much fun with him and enjoyed getting to take him on a trip and to meet his family and see his grandparents!
This is Cody on the plane!
Grandma (Jason's mom) and Cody! Our family with Grandpa and Grandma
This is Jason's step-grandmother, Mema! Cody is named after her husband, Jason's step-grandfather (Papa). We used Vernon as a middle name for Cody in honor of Papa. Sadly, Papa went to Heaven just before our wedding in 2005. He was a wonderful godly man and his legacy lives on! Mema could not wait to meet Cody! Cody and Uncle Bruce Cody and Uncle Darrell
Cody and Aunt Darby
It was chilly in Oregon! They actually have a fall....unlike Texas. So, Cody got to wear a hat and he looked adorable. He was happy as could be wearing it even though you can't tell from the picture. Cody loves his Grandma!
And his Grandpa! Randy is Jason's step-dad and Cody is named after him too. Papa is Randy's dad and they all share the middle name: Vernon.
Grandma got to feed Cody cereal.
Cody got to ride the horse...aka: Mema's lap!
Cody and Aunt Evelyn. Evelyn is Papa's sister and lives with Mema.
This is how Cody enjoyed family dinner one night. He sat in his bumbo in a chair pulled up to the table. It was hilarious. That way he was high enough to see everyone but not on the table because it was too crowded. He sat and played with his toys while we ate. Everything in the mouth these days! He's wearing cute dog slippers that Grandma got him.
Playing with Grandma
Exploring with Grandpa
Randy and Diane have a beautiful yard! They have many many acres and its covered in trees, plants, flowers, water features and all kinds of fun things that Cody enjoyed seeing. We would just walk him around outside and he was so content taking it all in. Their neighbors have sheep and he could here them baa and would just listen. It was so fun being outside with him.
So happy for all the attention!
Cody and Mema (his great-grandmother)
Our little family!
Grandpa, Daddy and Cody
Bottle with Uncle Bruce
We had a great time visiting everyone. Somehow we didn't get pictures with Jason's cousin's and their kids....bummer. Cody was a trooper and easy to travel with, which is a good thing since his parents like to travel.
Looking forward to going back at Christmas!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I know Jasons parents wish they could see Cody every day :) I didn't know he got his own seat on the plane! Travelling in style...I'm so glad he travelled well/easy for you!

  2. Don't worry about the pictures we will get them at Christmas. I realized the same thing when we were looking at pictures on Brett's camera.