Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can't believe Cody is 5 months!

My, how time flies! These last 5 months with Cody have gone so fast and he is growing and changing daily! I am loving this stage! He is so much fun! I love that he squeals and laughs so much. Everything is funny to him! He kicks his feet in what we call his "happy dance" when he's excited! I believe his gums are getting ready for the teeth to come in. He's not too whiney yet but definately rubs anything on them. I've started holding a piece of ice and letting him lick on it and he loves that. We recently took him to a park and let him swing (pictures to come soon) and he absolutely loved it! When he's happy he opens his mouth in the biggest, widest, smile and he did that the whole time he was swinging. It was a cool windy day and he would gasp everytime the wind would hit his face. He finally got used to it and I think he enjoyed being outside. He loves to play with his feet and roll all around. We put him on the floor with a few toys around him and he's happy as can be just rolling and playing. He really enjoys his jump/swing thing that hangs in the doorway. He could sit in it for an hour and just giggle and jump around. He sleeps two long stretches at night pretty much from between 7 and 8 at night until between 6 and 7 in the morning. I still feed him once in the middle of the night but I don't mind it. It's still a sweet time with him and he goes back to sleep pretty easily most of the time. He still loves to kick/splash in the bathtub. We just lay him down and let him go at it and splash away. We have finally gotten his naps routine down and even though we don't have an actual schedule yet he usually takes 4 good naps during the day. I'm hoping those will merge into two long naps but we'll take what we can get. He's happy when he's rested. He has started rubbing his eyes (or close to his eyes) when he's tired. If he wakes up playful he rolls on his back and plays with his mobile and babbles. Then kicks his feet in delight when someone comes to get him up. I've been working on teaching him how to sit up. He can sit for several minutes with the boppy wrapped around him. If he's reclined on a pillow he tries and pulls himself up and can get pretty far before he topples over. He eats cereal twice a day. It's a messy ordeal but he has picked up eating solids quickly. We'll introduce more exciting solid food (that I'm planning on making) when he's 6 months. In the mornings we give him his bottle in bed with us and watch the Fox & Friends morning show. He just stays relaxed and watches the t.v. and will lounge on the pillow in between us and watch it. We love it and it's a fun way to start the day. Jason is back at work (after an 8 week Sabbatical) and misses being home with Cody on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I'm working. We have a wonderful babysitter, Sarah, that comes to our house and keeps Cody on those days. It's a huge blessing that the schedule is working out so well and I'm able to keep working and have Cody well taken care of in our home. He's really started to notice when we clap and likes to put his hands on top of mine when I clap. He loves peek-a-boo and patty cake. He likes it if we dance around while holding him, especially if we go in circles. He looks in the direction that he hears a noise to figure out what it is. He definately recognizes his name. He is wearing clothes that are 3-6 month or if they just say 6 months. He's long so things tend to get too short before getting too tight. Here's our boy taking his monthly bear pictures! They grow up so fast! We laugh at ourselves because we say things like "remember when he was a baby and he used to do...." and then stop and think, "he's still a baby but changing so much"! ha!


  1. He's adorable! Good attitude about the night feedings...he will outgrow it and you'll miss those calm feedings just you and him. :)

  2. Love the new pictures!! He looks like you in the last one for sure! You need to frame all of the ones where he looks like you since he does look so much like his Daddy :)

    He's adorable!! Great job Cody giving your momma a schedule!