Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmastime Fun!

We have really enjoyed Cody's 1st Christmas! These are some of my favorite pictures from the last week. Cody was so cute one night "helping" me wrap a few presents. He was playing in the ribbon box and having such a fun time just giggling and rolling all around. It was past his bedtime and it shows how tired he was in some of the pictures....his eyes give it away everytime. He was actually in bed, talking and playing and wide awake so I couldn't resist getting him up and spending more time with him. I'm so glad I did because Jason and I had fun watching Cody play in the Christmas wrap. I've mentioned before how obessed with are with "moose" or "bear" outfits for Cody. Jason bought these pajama's in Alaska this last summer. They have a moose on the front and it says "I moose be dreaming". There's a little stocking cap too and he looks so cute in them! One of Cody's many sweet expressions....and another outfit with a Moose on it. My mom stopped by on her way to Austin. She was going to be with my sister while she had her baby and to spend Christmas there with my sister, new nephew and brother. We are spending Christmas in Oregon with Jason's family. We wouldn't get to see my mom again until after Christmas so I talked her into letting me take some pictures of her and Cody in front of our tree.

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  1. Oh those are such sweet pictures!! He has good taste--you can tell he loves the big shiny gold ribbon, (the nice stuff!) Love his cute little expression!