Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and our 1st Christmas celebration

Jason and I alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our parents and it was our year to have Thanksgiving with my mom. So, the 4 of us (Jason, mom, myself and Cody) headed to Seymour, TX where my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin's live. We missed Kristin and Clay but they stayed in Austin. Clay had to work and Kristin is too pregnant to travel. It was fun for Cody to get to meet some of his relatives. We had Thanksgiving at my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Carl's house. Aunt Cathy was a wonderful hostess and the food was delicious. Since we won't all be together at Christmas we decided to go ahead and celebrate together on Friday. My grandmother made Christmas dinner and we hung out at the ranch (where my grandparents live). The ladies in our family do a gift exchange and then everyone buys gifts for the kids. It was fun for Cody to get his first Christmas gifts.
Cody says Happy Thanksgiving

The ladies: Aunts, Cousins, 2nd Cousin, Mimi and Mom

Mom. Aunt Cathy & Cody Cody opening his first Christmas presents Aunt Cathy (my moms sister-in-law) and Cody
Cody and Uncle John (my mom's brother)
My 2 favorite bald guys! ha!
My Cousins: Lauren and Audra
Aunt Cathy and her grandchildren Lauren feeding Cody
Cody loved watching Mimi...she could always get him to smile and laugh
Audra and Cody

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  1. So fun! Happy first Thanksgiving and Christmas Cody!