Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seven Months!

I'm sure I say this everytime I post Cody's monthly pictures but I can't believe that he is now 7 months and about to celebrate his first Christmas! Cody is so much fun these days! He sits up completely on his own...all the time. He will play with his toys sitting up and we even catching him looking up at the tv every now and then if it's on and watching it. He looks like such a big boy when he sits up. He will go from the sitting position to his belly or back and roll all around the room. Just tonight he was getting his legs pulled up to his knees in the position to learn to crawl! I have a feeling I don't have long until he's mobile....and I can't wait! He wants to move so badly that I think he'll be so proud of himself and less frustrated for having to stay stationary for the most part. Cody is sleeping through the night! He will sleep 11 hours. Usually from 7pm to 6am. He uses his paci only when he's sleepy and will find them in his bed and put them in his mouth by himself. He wakes up happy and will play with the toys in his bed until we come and get him. Then he kicks his feet in excitement when he sees us. He weighs about 16 1/2 pounds and is wearing size 3 diapers. He wears 9 month clothes! He's still longer than he is big so he wears bigger pants and smaller shirts. Cody also has 2 bottom teeth!! He has started saying "da-da-da-da" over and over. I'm not sure if he is referring to "dada" or just making a sound but either way it super cute. He will repeat it when we say it or just say it on his own. He loves to play hide and seek and the minute Jason comes home from work they play the game. He gets so excited to see his daddy and just squeals in delight burys his head in my shoulder until Jason says "boo" and then Cody looks up and squeals. It's the cutest thing! I get the same reaction when I get home on Tuesdays and Thursdays from work. He'll kick his feet in excitement, smile and reach for me. And I better be ready to hold him or he lets me know I didn't hug him. Then he looks at Sarah (his nanny as she affectionately calls herself) and smiles at her. I look forward to getting home from work on those days to see my boy! I miss him lots when I'm at work. He smiles and laugh a lot throughout the day. I love to run errands with him. He sits in the front of the cart and just smiles and looks around. If I talk to him or do something silly he squeals. Cody is eating 2 meals a day. He eats cereal in the morning with bananna (the real thing!) and a jar (or just a little more) of either carrots, squash or sweet potatos for lunch or dinner. He starts and ends his day with a bottle (6-8 ounces). He has 2-3 more bottles during the day depending on how much food he eats. He does not like peas or green beans and makes the funniest faces and gags when he try them. We gave him a lemon to suck on the other day while we were at a restaurant and he loved it....he only made a sour face initially and then it didn't bother him. He sits in high chairs when we go out.....but wants to grab anything in site and we are constantly picking up what he drops. But it's fun to be able to go out with him. We showed him the Christmas lights on our street and he seemed to really look at them. He loves looking at the Christmas tree at our house. Cody will go on his 2nd plane ride to Oregon to see his Grandpa and Grandma (and other relatives on Jason's side). He had his first big sickness this week and it was really sad watching him feel so bad. He's much better now but was in bad shape for about 24 hours. I never knew my mommy heart could feel so sad for my sick baby. It was nice to see him bounce back quickly. Cody also has a new cousin. Aunt Kristin had her baby boy 12/19 and named him Parker. Parker and Cody are exactly 7 months to the day! Cody is such a delight and brings so much joy to our home and family! I can't believe how big he's getting and how much more we fall in love with him each day!


  1. He looks huge! Cody sounds like a very happy boy!! I am so glad for that! He is precious.