Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cody is 8 months!

I am a little behind in posting this but determined not to miss a month! I took these on his 8 month birthday (January 19th) but am just now posting them. We are amazed at how much Cody learned this past month. His biggest/newest accomplishment is that he can feed himself, mainly snacks. He loves to pick food up and put it in his mouth once piece at a time. He really takes his time getting it into his fingers and then to his mouth. We love to watch him eat his snacks. He has started eating a little more non-baby-food. He likes toast/bread, mac and cheese, cheese, powdered donuts (he shared a small one with me) and a few vegetables. He is still eating jarred baby food and likes almost anything except peas. He loves baby yogurt, banana's or apple sauce for breakfast. He eats 1-2 jars of vegetables or a meat meal for lunch and dinner. He still takes about 3 bottles a day averaging 24 ounces. He studies EVERYTHING! When we are out in public his watches people and loves to just stare and soak in the world. He'll stare at me intently while I'm drying my hair. He's fascinated with people and animals and what they are doing. At the grocery store he loves watching the checkers run the items across the scanner and listening to the beep. Cody is starting to get "stranger-danger' and will cling to us more when he thinks we might leave in the church nursery. Once we walk away he's fine it's just the initial separation that's hard on him. He still does raspberries wtih his mouth all the time. This is funny and cute until he has a mouth full of baby food. Although it's our fault because we laugh everytime. Cody will make a fist and beat his chest one time with a grunt. It's sooo cute and we laugh everytime. He will copy us if we ask him to do it. He still love his jump thing that hangs in the doorway. He flies in circles and giggles. He has started watching a Baby Einstein video each day. He will sit there and watch it. Sometimes he'll play with a toy while he's watching but for the most part he'll focus on the video. If we walk in the room he'll look up and smile and then keep watching. He talks all the time and is really loud. He'll play in his crib in the morning or after naps and just talk away until we come get him. He naps two to three times a day depending on what time he wakes up. Sometimes they are 3 hours and sometimes they are 1 1/2 hours. We take whatever we can get. He goes to sleep between 7 and 7:30 and will sleep until 5:30 or 6 but we don't always get him right away. Sometimes he falls back asleep and sometimes he's ready to start the day. He loves bathtime! He has a seat he sits in and plays and while we soap him off. And then we drain the tub a little and lay him flat and he splashes and splashes and laughs and laughs and has the best time in the water. He's ticklish and will let out the best belly laughs! He's still learning to crawl. We've really been practicing. He can get on all fours and rocks but hasn't figured out how to move his arms. So then he just goes flat on his belly and kicks his legs. Speaking of kicking....he still will kick kick kick his legs whenever he's happy, excited or playful. We call it his happy dance and always say "go, go, go" while he's doing it. He loves to play peek-a-boo. He also loves for one of us to hide around a corner and then jump out while he's trying to find us. He's started tilting his head to see around us or behind us when we are holding him or if something is in his way. He still has two teeth and wears 9 month clothes! His most obvious "word" is da-da and he says it all the time all day long and so we don't think he's actually referring to "dada". He wears size 3 diapers and is 18 pounds. We love our boy soooo much and can't imagine life without him! He brings so much joy and laughter into our lives and we are blessed to have a happy little boy! It's amazing to see him learn new things and get excited about life.
We love you Cody and can't believe you are 8 months!


  1. So sweet!! Cody sounds so happy, Carley. You will love having all these months documented!