Monday, January 18, 2010

Parker Lohman White

While Jason was in Africa, Cody and I went to Austin to meet our new nephew/cousin! We went with my mom who was excited to have both her grandsons together. My mom was there for Parkers birth and was a huge support for my sister. Cody and Parker are exactly 7 months apart.....Codys birthday is 5/19/09 and Parker's birthday is 12/19/09!
Isn't he so cute!
Cody meets Parker And by his smile I can tell they will be great friends! Parker trying to figure out who this other baby is. Aunt Carley! I'd like to think Cody is giving his cousin a kiss....Teaching him to be "gentle"...not that he understood. Love those cheeks!
It wa SO cold (like in the teens) and Codys cheeks were red and chapped all weekend!
Love the matching footed pajamas!
Uncle Clay lives in Austin and came to see his newphews (and sisters and mom)!
I'm so proud of my sister! She delivered Parker in a birthing center completly natural!
Cody's not sure what to think about his momma holding another baby! ha!
3 weeks old and so alert!
Just think by Christmas 2010 these two will be into everything! I can't wait!


  1. How precious!!!!! I loved seeing all of the pictures! They will be great friends and protectors of each other. Can't wait to see them both together.

  2. Oh, Carley! They are so cute together. I think they look alike in the eyes!

  3. He is such a cute little boy! They totally look alike so that means Cody doesn't ONLY look like Jason! It seems like Cody does totally know how to be gentle with his new little cousin :)