Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cody's 1st Christmas

We spent Christmas in Oregon with Jason's side of the family. The Friday before Christmas Cody got sick so we weren't sure we'd be able to board a plane...but thankfully he was better and we were able to go. Unfortunately while we were there Jason got bronchitis and didn't feel good almost the whole time we were there. Cody was amazing on the flights! I really didn't know how he'd do now that he is entertained more by playing in the floor with toys but we couldn't have asked for anything better. He had his own seat so that helped for sure. We had a wonderful Christmas and great time with our Oregon relatives! Jason and I gave Cody his Christmas presents from us before we left and had fun watching him tear (and try to eat) the paper.
"Yay for Chrismtas presents""Mine, all mine!" "Your telling me that I only get 3 gifts?" "Oh well, at least I get to tear this paper off?"
Only a face a momma could love!Enjoying his Chrismtas gifts!

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