Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Entertainer

Cody loves music and noise. When I was pregnant with him he would move around a lot during the worship at church or when the high school band would play during youth. He's never been afraid of loud the vacuum, hair dryer, coffee grinder, etc. He's fascinated when he hear's sounds....whether inside or outside. So, one day I just decided to set him on the piano bench and see what he would do. Of course he loved it! He banged...I mean played and had himself a good time listening to the piano. He would look up and grin at us as if to say "I did that!'. It's so much fun. I wish I could strap him to the bench and leave him there while I got things done...he'd be entertained for hours. We inherited this piano from my mom. It was at her house my whole childhood....and when I was Cody's age I did the very same thing, on the very same piano.

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