Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a big boy!

Cody has had 3 big milestones this week. We were surprised at how fast they came! Thursday night (March 4) Cody crawled towards an object by himself! It was bedtime and we had been playing in his room. I had him in my lap in his rocker reading a book and he couldn't stop looking at the measuring cup on the ground. He had been playing with it in the kitchen and carried it upstair to his room. I sat him down and said "go get it"...and he did....about 4 movements or "crawls" to get it. He did it again for Jason. He still doesn't go very far or more than a couple "crawls" at a time but he knows how to do it! Saturday night (March 6) my mom stopped by to see Cody crawl and practice with him. It was evening and he was tired but he did do it again for more! He learned how to sit himself up from the crawling position. He's been sitting up to play for a long time now but had not learned how to get himself to the sitting position. When we put him to bed it got quiet and I went to check on him, thinking I'd find him asleep. I was surprised to walk in and see him sitting in his crib, paci in mouth and playing with a toy! So, we got him out of the crib and Jason lowered it....just in case Cody decided to try and pull up. And then this morning (March 7) Cody started waving! We walked into church and he started waving to everyone we passed and I think he was saying "hi" (or something close to it) too. It was so cute. Cody has started not being able to nap at church and since we are there for so long (2 services) he's not too happy by the time church is over. He's also in the stage where he cries when we drop him off at the nursery. We'll keep at it and eventually he'll grow out of it. I had been told by Mary and a couple students that work in the nursery that he was "sad" after 1st service. I left him in there for a little longer and about halfway through 2nd service I went to get him becuase I knew he'd enjoy the music and band in the highschool....and Jason was singing. He loved it and perked up as soon as we got around the loud music and students. He waved at students and smiled and danced/jumped (with my help) to the music. It was pretty hyper and loud but he was loving it...and so was I! It was a fun day to watch him be so friendly and active! Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks!
Watching me get ready....he loves the blow dryer (and anything noisy)! He also loves it when I put the hair dryer on "cool" and blow it on him.
Happy in his new outfit from Bubbie!Practicing crawling in the kitchen
Kitchen sink bath after a messy and fun dinner!
Cody loves water and bathtime! Watching a video while holding tightly to a straw...this is how he sits when he's watching anything on the tv. Sometimes his hands are on his knees. Someday we'll work on posture. ha!
SnacktimePracticing the sippy cup Playtime in cute jammies from Grandma Cody's favorite snack stuck to his cheek!

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  1. Woohooooo big boy! He DID have a big week! I'm sorry he's starting down Joy's path of not loving the nursery...Maybe he'll improve quicker because he's more social than she is :) I'm so proud of him!!