Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our 10 Month Old!

Our Handsome 10 Month little boy!!Cody had changed so much the last month! We are having so much fun watching him grow and learn! The most exciting thing that Cody has learned to do is CRAWL! Woohoo! We love it! He can now venture and go wherever he wants to. It's fun to see what new thing/places he will explore each day. He gets faster and faster each day and braver to venture out further away from us. I love it!! When we are away from home he's not quite as brave yet and stick close to us...for now. He's also into wanting us to chase him. When he's crawling he'll look back to see if we are following him and then he'll giggle. It's hilarious. He is so proud of himself. Cody has also learned how to sit up from laying down by himself. He's been sitting up for awhile but we had to get him to the sitting up position. But when he learned to crawl he also learned how to pull himself to sitting. Because of this we have lowered the crib. He has also learned how to wave "hi" and "bye". We can say "can you wave hi or bye" and he moves his whole arm as its stretched out in front of him. Every now and then it sounds like he says "hi" but we still aren't sure. He has also learned how to clap! He doesn't make any noise yet but definately brings his hands together in a clap. Cody LOVES music and has started to "dance". He moves his arms when he hears music. It's the cutest thing. We bring him to the youth room and let him listen to the student ministry band practice. He loves to watch them and doesn't mind the loud music at all. Now that he can crawl he will move himself to the front of the stage and sit and watch them...and clap and "dance". We love that he loves music. I've started playing music during the day while he's playing and he's happy. He knows where it's coming from and will look at the stereo with curiousity. Cody laughs at everything! He thinks its funny when we sneeze, if one of us is holding him and the other the following up the stairs he thinks its funny. Birds, cars, ducks and any noise outside makes him giggle. He gets excited to take a bath and splash. He has started to really love other kids and laughs at them. Almost every night when I lay him in his crib he starts to laugh while looking up at me and we will play hide and seek games for a little bit. The other day I was taking a shower and he crawled to the shower door, put his face and hands on the glass and laughed at me. I called Jason at work the other day just so he could hear Cody laughing because it was so cute I had to share it with him. I love that he fills our days with laughter. He likes to watch a few shows on the Disney channel....Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. He will take his morning bottle sitting in my lap and then will stay relaxed and watch some cartoons snuggling. I love it! He's never been much of a snuggler but has recently sat in our laps and watched tv or reading books while snuggling. The snuggles are usually in the morning or before bed. We take what we can get! Cody still grunts and hits his chest....especially when Jasons around. It's their "thing"! Cody has been saying "dada" for a while but has now started saying "mama"!! He doesn't do it all the time but usually will repeat it. He also shakes his head "no" when he's done with eating. Cody likes most foods...mac and cheese, sliced cheese, breads, pastas, carrots, squash, green beans, chicken noodle soup, chicken and veggies, pears, apple sauce, yogurt, beans, bananas, rice, cherrios, pops cereal, raisins, grilled cheese, oatmeal, french fries, smoothies (that we feed him on a spoon) and sometimes hot dogs and chicken nuggets. He's really good at feeding himself. I still give him jarred food at every meal but he also feeds himself something each meal. He has started putting the spoon in his mouth as long as there isn't anything on the spoon. He still takes about 20 oz. of formula from the bottle each in the morning, one at night and the rest during the day. He drinks water and watered down apple juice from the sippy cup but we are still teaching him how to tilt his head back enough to get it. He enjoyes snacks a couple times during the day. Cody sleeps 11 hours at night. He goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up between 6 and 6:30. He plays happily in his bed until we get...although very hungry as soon as he gets up. His bedtime routine is bath, take a bottle, read a book, sing a song, play in room, hug/snuggle while standing by the crib, say prayer and then to sleep. He takes 2 good naps during the day. The morning is between 8:30 and 9 and lasts 2 1/2 to 3 hours and the afternoon is between 2 and 3 and lasts 2 hours. He is definately a morning person! He weighs 18.5 pounds and wears 9-12 month clothes. He wears a hat almost anytime we are out and keeps it on! Although he doesn't like to wear his sunglasses. He is VERY loud and vocal and loves to hear his voice. He will "sing" and "talk" loudly...all day long! It's adorable. Cody has enjoyed outside swinging or going on walks. He has always kicked his feet in excitement but does it when he's in the swing twice as fast as usual! He is very curious about things on the walls/shelves/fridge, decorations, plugs, chairs, door stops and anything else that he "off limits". Ha! He loves dogs and laughs when they come near and barks. He enjoys looking at pictures of people that I have framed around the house and smiles when he sees them. His favorite household item is the vacuum! He sits and watches in wonder when I vacuum and will hold the cord in sheer excitement. If I turn it off he whines for me to turn it on again. If it's sitting out but I'm not using it he will crawl to it and look up in awe. I can vacuum right up to him and he just grins from ear to ear. It's hysterical! I can't wait to come home from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and see my little guy! He's always so excited when I come home. He gets really excited when Jason comes home as well. He squeals in delight and smiles at us for a long time as if he can't believe we are really home. *This post is 2 weeks overdue...time flies when your having fun! And life certainly is FUN right now! What joy this little guy brings!*

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