Friday, April 23, 2010

11 Months

What a fun month we have had with Cody! He is such a delight to our lives and keeps us smiling and laughing all the time. His hilarious personality is really showing! He literally smiles all the time! Cody has mastered his crawling skills and is one fast boy! He is quick and doesn't seem to mind the tile floor or concrete on his knees. He has learned how to only use one let to crawl outside and not put too much weight on it. He still doesn't like the grass too much. He likes to touch it with his hands and is very interested in it but he doesn't like to sit or crawl on it. He loves to go outside and take in all the sounds and matter what they are. He has enjoyed blowing bubbles, going on walks and swinging. For his birthday we are going to get him a few outside toys so he can play.

He has learned how to pull himself to his knees without support and to his feet with the support of furniture. He can't stand by himself yet but can stand at a toy or furniture for several minutes. He plays on the bottom step but hasn't learned how to go up. He did climb up a curb the other day so I'm sure we're close to him discovering the stairs. He will crawl right over anything that is in his path. He still spins in cirles. He uses his feet to turn himself and rotates on his bottom.

He's a great eater. We have been trying new things and he seems to be pretty rounded with what he likes. He still takes a few things from jars but for the most part we will give him what we are eating. He's great at picking up cut up things and feeding himself. He desperately wants to be able to use the spoon himself. We usually give him his own spoon and he'll pretend to put it in the jar and then to his mouth. His favorite thing is to throw food or other objects (like the spoon) from his high chair, look at where it lands and laugh. He does not like food to be stuck to his hand and will shake it until to falls off. It's cute but the kitchen floor sure gets cleaned a lot.

He mimics noises and sounds we make really well. We were sitting on the floor and I would toss a ball and make a funny sound and he would repeat it, tossing the ball and making a sound himself. He likes to yell by saying "ahhhh" back and forth with us. He also will open his mouth and suck in as if he's surprised. He has all these funny "boy" noises that he uses when playing with his toys.

He pushes his cars around, throws balls, and bangs all toys on the floor for noise. We have noticed that he gets attached to a toy and will carry it with him all day and then a couple days later get attached to a different toy.

He loves to read books. He will sit in our lap and read or find a book while he's playing and look at it himself. He even laughs when he's reading it by himself. I love it when he does that and I look over and see him laughing at the pictures in the book.

He likes to watch the garbage truck come. If I can catch it in time we'll go to the upstairs window and watch it. He likes to stick his tongue out while he's playing. He even tries to pull it out of his mouth.

Cody has learned the sign language for "more" and we are now working on "please". I love it that he's picked these up. It really just shows that he's learning what I'm trying to teach him at such a young age.

He can wave when we say "hi" or "bye". He claps when he's happy/excited and/or when we say "yay!". He has also recently learned to give "high 5".

When we are holding him he will stretch out his arm like he's reaching for something. Usually it's something far away like a tree or something up high that he thinks he can touch. He likes to play with cords....especially if its attached to the vacuum. He's still obsessed with the vacuum and loves it when I vacuum. He follows me around and then when I put it back up in the closet he sits outside the door and in his own way asking me to get it out again. It's fun and yes, I vacuum when he's around just because I know he likes it. ha!

Cody made his first first trip to the ER. :( He woke up screaming on night and cried pretty hard for several hours. His fever began to spike really high and so I woke up Jason and we were concerned. Clearly there was something wrong. Typically we don't rush to the doctor for every thing but since he fever spiked quickly we loaded up and took him in. It was sad to see him with a little IV and hard to see him get blood taken. They tested him for everything and other than having a slight baterial infection it appeared that there wasn't anything else wrong. He took antibiotics for 10 days and bounced back really quickly.
When we walked into the waiting room Jason was carrying him. They sat down while I signed up in. It was cute because there was a kids waiting area not too far from where we were with pictures on the wall. Cody, as bad as he felt and with his head on Jasons shoulder, reached out to touch (even though they were too far) the pictures on the wall. It was sweet because we could still see his little personality even when he felt crummy.
Cody definately says "dada" and "momma". We know he knows that is who we are now. Jason and I were sitting on the floor of our bedroom watching cody crawl around. He would crawl to us and then away from us and explore. At one point he was crawling towards him and was pretty intent on coming straight for me. He crawled into my lap, looked up at me and said "momma". It made my eyes water and then Jason teared up because I teared up. It was a very precious moment for me! Now he crawls around the house looking for me saying "momma, momma, momma". I love it!
Cody has become more of a snuggler...but not for long periods. He'll sit in our laps and watch TV, read books, play with a toy, etc. but it never lasts too long. But at night when we hug him before putting him in the crib he'll lay his head on our shoulder why we say prayers and sing "Jesus Loves Me". Then we put him in the crib, play with him a bit through the slits (he likes to stick his hands out and grab our legs or if we sit down he'll reach for our face or hands), tickle him and chase him around the crib (inside the crib) and then we pick him up, hug him again, put him back and leave the room. I don't know how this routine started but its fun. He plays for a bit and then falls asleep....all night. He's started sleeping on his side or back more but still curls up on his stomach. He's still an early riser (between 6 and 6:30) but wakes up happy!
He's just under 20 pounds and wears 12 month clothes. He takes 3 bottles a day to equal about 24 ounces. We have noticed that he has gotten a lot more hair too....and he likes to pull at it and rub his fingers in it when he's tired.
We are loving our little family and can't believe in a few weeks he'll be 1 year! Yay! We keep talking about what a funny little personality Cody has and how excited he gets at everything.
I can't wait to see how it continues to develop over the next year!

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