Monday, May 3, 2010

Lots of Laughs

Cody keeps us laughing...everyday...all day!
We have one cabinet in the kitchen that is filled with his plastic items and he sits and plays in it. He's recently discovered how to climb inside and store things on the top shelf.
He goes back and forth from his cabinet to the fridge to play with his magnets. He's hilarious when he throws/drops them and they hit the kitchen floor. He thinks its funny and laughs at himself. He absolutely LOVES the vacuum. He likes to play with it but after pulling it over on himself we now lay it flat so he can play with it. When I turn it on and am actually using it he'll follow me around with a big smile on his face and hold the cord for me. If its not on he lets me know he wants it on. He likes to pull up and play with his toys in the standing position. He needs help pulling up but can stand and play by himself. When he falls he lands on his bottom and makes a face like he knows its coming and anticipates the fall.
He rolls this around and plays with it for long periods!

1 comment:

  1. So funny that he climbs into the cabinet...I have to watch him do that when I am at your house. He's hilarious. Emmy kept saying, "Cody was like talking back to me having a conversation!" Ha. He's so social and happy :)