Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Joy!

It's hard to believe that a year ago Mary and I looked like this! These are pictures of our 1st and 3rd trimester pregnant with Cody and Joy! May 6th is Joy's 1st Birthday! Joy came early and Cody came late but arrived on Joy's actual due date (2 weeks later...May 19th). It was so fun being pregnant with one of my best friends and then raising our kids together. Since Joy is Mary's 3rd child I ask her many many many questions about motherhood and babies.
This is at our couples diaper shower that the students gave us. Thanks to this shower we went 11 months without buying diapers!
The husbands were great sports with the games we played. Here we are seeing who can change a diaper the fastest.
Jason and I holding Joy hours after she was born!
Cody and Joy on one of their 1st (of many) playdates.
See...they didn't cry the whole time. Their 1st date to double dips.
Yay! They can both sit up....and stare at each other.
They are really comfortable with each other now... :) ...although they still don't interact with each other. But someday they'll be best of friends! We love you, Joy! Happy 1st Birthday!


  1. Aww friend now I'm really crying. You were so kind to me today when I probably should've been shunned for getting so irritated :)

    I love you and so appreciate who you are to me and to my kids. You're Aunt Carley!

    I love this background--my favorite one you've used yet!

  2. So sweet, Carley! I've read lots about you on Mary's Blog and I can see why she loves you so much!!