Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cody

Cody's 1st year in pictures! (Warning: long long post!) Our 1st family picture!
Our Little Blessing! 1st snuggle with Daddy!
Sleeping at home...fists always by face!
1st coo and different expressions! Napping at home...I loved the hands always by his face!
1st time in swing! So Peaceful...favorite baby picture to this point! 1st Father's Day!
Getting more alert for longer periods!
James Dean pose and a look we still get.
The picture we used on his birth announcement...7 weeks!
1st time in his bumbo...smiling at Bubbie!
So alert and sitting up in crib...1st time to be really smiley!
Getting ready for bed.
1st time to really interact with Daddy for a long period of time
Loving Bathtime!
Talking away!
1st Sunday in nursery at church.
1st time in swing at Mary's house!
Cody has always loved his bumbo!
1st trip to Oregon and experience cooler temperatures!
1st time to eat baby cereal and like it!
First signs of teething!
1st time to "smell" flowers at Grandpa and Grandmas House!
1st time to sit in bumbo and watch mommy cook dinner!
Family of 3!
1st time to sit on his own!
1st Halloween!
Handing out candy!
1st pumpkin patch!
Love those big eyes!
1st time to play with feet!
1st walk in the park with Daddy....finally cool enough! 1st swing in park and big smiling for enjoyment!
Mommy's Little Buddy!
Almost all his Fall/Winter clothes had a moose on them...and a stuffed moose play with as well!
1st Thanksgiving!
1st time to meet Santa! 1st Christmas!
Guarding his presents! Too Cute for words!
1st Christmas card picture!
1st time to feed himself a snack!
Baby Dedication
1st time to play with food!
1st sink bath!
1st time to try and crawl!
1st Snow!
1st time to play the piano!
Daddy's Mini Me! Taken on our 5th wedding anniversary!
Cutest Jammies ever...from Daddy's trip to Alaska!
1st Valentines Day!
Cody's obsession with cups begins!
1st Easter Outfit! 1st Easter!
Crawling! 9 1/2 Months!
Chillin' at the Park!
Happiest Boy Ever!
Playing! 1st Mother's Day!
Loves to spin on the tile!
1st Hideout!
1st time to water the plants!
1st time to dig in the dirt and play with the hose!
1st time in big boy carseat! You are ONE now!! :)
Happy Birthday Cody! You may never remember these firsts but we will never forget them!
We love you to the moon and back!


  1. Okay I love all of the pictures but my favorite is the one of him guarding his Christmas presents. That face is hilarious!! Love you Cody!!

  2. I loved looking through all of the pics. Wow, the 1st year went by quickly... just wait, the next 6 go by even faster!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday!!! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday party and that they let you enjoy as much cake as you want.

  4. Happy birthday little man! Love the post Carley... can't believe he's already ONE!