Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anything That Makes Noise!

Cody has always liked music and loves to dance/move/shake whenever music is on! He doesn't mind how loud it is or where we are...if he hears music his eyes get big and he claps his hands or moves his arms and head to the music. If we are around when the student band is practicing (and they are loud) he crawls right up to the stage and watches them, claps and dances. It's too cute! We absolutely love that he does this! I try and keep background music on in the house during the days while we are eating and playing. Cody enjoys banging tupperware on the kitchen floor, using spoons to bang with and pretty much anything that makes noise. So, after church he was thrilled to discover the cymbals! It didnt' take him long to figure out what to do to make noise!
Thanks to Kaitlyn, one of our awesome seniors, for the great pics!

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