Friday, August 6, 2010


Cody's newest trick is climbing! He hikes his leg up and tries to climb on top of anything and most of the time accomplishes his task. His either just falls forward when he wants down (which is ok when he's low to the ground) or turns around and slides off on his belly and stretches his feet until they touch the ground. If he's standing and decides he's done he will just plop to his bottom and take off crawling. He climbs and plays on this chair all day long. He smiles big and it's like he knows its just his size. I think he got cold....this didn't last long. His cabinet in the kitchen is now like a little clubhouse. The shelf was in his way so I took it out and he climbs in there and plays.
Cody loves to "help" load/unload the dishwasher. I walked to get the degerent and came back to find this.
He found this shelf in our bathroom cabinet and carried it around the house all day climbing on and off.

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