Friday, August 13, 2010

Sand + Water = Summertime Fun!

Fun at the neighborhood splash park!
Swimming at the neighborhood pool...we like the water and like swimming but the problem is Cody doesn't want to have "help" in the water and therefore it becomes a stressful and short activity....unless I can keep him happy playing on the steps. Swimming lessons are coming for sure!
Off to the pool...
Mary and I (with the help of Sarah) took the kids to Hawaiian Falls water park. We stayed a couple hours and had a good time. Of course, Cody wanted to "go and do" things that he's too small for (like climbing steps to get to big slides and wanting to slide down) but I finally convinced him to be happy just playing in the "safe" area.
Ty, Charlie and Cody playing in the water.
People kept asking us if Joy and Cody were twins.
Charlie and Cody playing in the water.
Cody loves the sandbox and water table that my mom gave him for his birthday.
Swimming in Mary's backyard is always fun!

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