Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Favorites!

I love that you can see Cody's little curl in this picture.
He loves playing on the couch and chair.
And has finally learned how to slide off but still doesn't always know where the edge is.
Cody is so sweet and such a chatterbox.
He stands holding the back and then lets go and plops to his bottom and laughs.
What a little man!
Killer eyes!
Silly Grin!
So Serious. He loves anything that stacks.
And sits contentedly playing with the play food Sarah gave him.
Begging me to open the cheese puff in Target. I gave in this time but trying to not get in the habit of that. I have to hide the bag now when I buy them. If he sees the bag, even on the shelf, it's not a pleasant scene. These are his favorite snack and we have to limit him or he'd eat them all day every day. It's now a special treat!
Enjoying the ball from Bubbie.
Cody loves cups and will put things in and take things out all day long.

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  1. Awe what a sweetiepie! Glad he likes those food toys. :)