Thursday, September 9, 2010

August Favorites

Cody totally wanted me to cover him up with this blanket while he watched Tigger and Pooh before bed. Usually he sits in our lap to snuggle but this particular night he wanted to sit on the floor.
Cody's new animals! They make his day! (Notice them lined up on the counter.) We are practicing animal sounds. So far he knows the cow and "moo" go together.
Cody can sign "more" and "please" and knows when to use them! Here he is signing "more"!
Nightime snuggles! Drinking milk before bed. (This picture is older because he is now off the bottle) Cody crawled to the guest bathroom and brought out the toilet paper to play with.
Cody definately has walking down! He's still faster crawling so after he walks for a bit he decides to finish his mission crawling. But, he walks a lot!!

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  1. He's so cute! Crazy how much he reminds me of Ryder. I love your background! There was something else I was going to ask you and now I can't remember...when I do, I'll shout back!