Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life is Better in the Mountains - 1

We traveled to Estes Park, Colorado for our vacation this year! We met my in-laws and Jason's Uncle Dale and Aunt Jana there. We all stayed in a wonderful condo and enjoyed our week together! Here are some pictures of Cody's travels. Watching a video while we got ready. He wasn't feeling great the last couple days we were there. Many naps in the car while we were on drives and looking for "critters". Watching a video on the airplane and experiencing headphones.
Climbing on grandpas suitcase....I think he wanted to go to Oregon instead of Texas!
The best baby travel invention ever! The wheels and handles attach to the carseat and it can be dragged through the airport...and doubles as a stroller. Works amazing and saves from having to carry the carseat! Cody loved it!
Playing with my make-up bag while killing time in the car.
Cody was a great traveler. It took a bit for him to adjust to the altitude but he was a trooper! He loved getting to spend so much time with grandma and grandpa and meeting his great uncle and aunt! Of course he got a lot of attention! We love the mountains and enjoyed getting to experience the Rocky Mountains with Cody! More to come...

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  1. How fun! Looks like Cody enjoyed himself. The mountains reminded me of something I just learned about the mountains from a friend. Have you ever heard of altitude sickness? I didn't know it is a very dangerous thing. Her husband suffered from it and it was extremely serious by the time they realized he was very sick. Odd thing is that he has been to the mountains several other times and didn't suffer from it. One more thing to worry about.... Can't wait to see the other posts.