Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Cody can do at 15 months!

Cody turned 15 months old while we were in Estes Park, Colorado! What Cody is up to these days....
  • Likes to play with an old cell phone and puts it to his ear and "talks". If he's holding it and we say "say hello" he puts it to his ear.
  • Loves to stack cups. He will stack and un-stack and re-stack over and over.
  • Can wave "hi" and "bye" and can say "ba" for "bye".
  • He says "momma" and "dada" in the correct references.
  • Says "that" as in "I want that" while pointing.
  • Shares his toys/food/paci's....anything. He likes to hand us this "stuff" and gets his feelings hurt if we don't take it.
  • He can walk pushing his walker (truck)
  • Cruises on furniture/Pulls up on our legs
  • Loves the game "I'm gonna get you".
  • Points, Points, Points....all the time.
  • Loves toys that stack, plays with cups that stack
  • Loves to put toys in a bucket/basket and take them and out, in and out over and over.
  • Knows how to wipe with a napkin or baby wipes. Usually his highchair, hands or face.
  • Loves to close doors and then knocks on the door until someone opens it.
  • Gives High 5's.
  • Sticks out tongue when you ask "where's your tongue?"
  • Claps his hands if he hears someone clap, we ask him to clap or we say "yay".
  • Learned to climb the stairs on his first birthday and can go up fast! Can't come down yet.
  • Knows what these words mean and reacts to them: Bottle, bath, cracker, eat, night night, stairs, animals, ball, home.
  • Can feed himself with a fork and spoon (we never taught him...he just did it one day)
  • Loves to play at splash parks
  • Loves to play in his sand box
  • Looks around, gets excited, crawls to door when I say "daddy's home".
  • Climbs in cabinets
  • Hides face with hands when we say "peek-a-boo".
  • Pats our shoulder/back when we hold him.
  • Learning how to blow kisses
  • Does not hold still while getting his diaper changed or getting dressed.
  • Knows the sign for "more".
  • Is learning that when we drive up to church we get to see daddy. Church=Daddy's work.
  • Drinks from a cup with a straw.
  • Had his first ice cream cone.
  • Loves the "Old MacDonald" song.
  • Weaned from Bottle
  • Likes suckers and knows they are a special treat.
  • Loves to sit on the counter and watch whatever is happening (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Climbs on his little blue chair. Climbs on anything...shoeboxes, laundry baskets, beds, chairs, ladders...
  • Takes about 3 to 4 steps at a time
  • Enjoys playing in his ball pit and pushes his chair up against it and falls from his chair into the balls
  • Claps when watching tv and see or hears someone else clap
  • Does not like the word "no" but is learning to obey.

Weight: 21 pounds 4 ounces (10%)

Height: 31 inches (50%)

Head: 19 inches (90%)

Clothes: 12 to 18 months

Diapers: size 5

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