Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas weekend at my grandparents ranch in West Texas. My Pawpaw and Mimi (my mom's parents) hosted the entire extended family and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we were too busy eating, playing or visiting and I didn't take one picture. It was fun to watch Cody and my nephew, Parker, play together along with the other 2nd cousins. Cody got some fun new blocks which he loves stacking and other fun toys....just the beginning of his Christmas loot. My mom, Jason, Cody and I drove to Wichita Falls to see the light display at Midwestern State University and it was fun to share a memory from my childhood with Cody. We got home Sunday and skyped with Jason's parents so they could watch Cody open his gifts from them. Monday was "Christmas" day with our little family. We had a great morning just relaxing, naps for everyone and lots of playing. My mom came over in the afternoon for presents and dinner. We let Cody slowly open his presents and play with each one before opening another one. It was a nice slow process and we enjoyed watching him get excited about each gift. The theme for his gifts was cars, cars and more cars! I made the Pioneer Woman's perfect pot roast and we had a great quiet fun day together. The weekend after Christmas we went to my Uncle Kirby's house (my dad's brother) and had dinner with his family. What a great week with lots of family and especially enjoying Christmas through Cody's eyes. I loved his Christmas jammies.
He was so good not messing with the Christmas decorations but we would sit and look at the ornaments on the tree and he knew which ones he could touch and play with.
Enjoying the new wagon from his Grandpa and Grandma.
Playing with the new car ramp from us.
Opening presents....Daddy helped open presents, Mommy took pictures....lots of pictures with Jason and none with me. Oops!
Skyping with Grandpa and Grandma.
I took this picture of the laptop and skyping because Cody was so funny. As soon as he saw Grandpa and Grandma (and Uncle Bruce) he started showing off. He ran to the other room to get his cars and brought them back and showed them. Then he placed one car in front of Grandpa and one car in front of Grandma as if to give his cars to them to play with.
Cody also got a great train table from my mom and plays with his trains, cars, busses and trucks on it everyday. It's the perfect height and a great place to roll all his vehicles around on. We have it upstairs in our media/game room and he asks several times a day to go upstairs and heads straight for this table...he loves it. He also got his first Thomas the Train video and likes to watch it as well.
We made great memories as a family this Christmas. One of our favorites was driving around the neighborhoods and our city looking at the lights. Cody would get so excited and sign "more" if we came to a darker street until we found more lights for him to look at. When we were in our neighborhood we let him sit up front with us and that was a special treat. Cody mastered saying and recognizing Santa and saying "ho ho ho". Such a special holiday for us!

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful Christmas! How fun for a little one to have it spread out over all those days! R&R have that car ramp toy and LOVE it! We got it for Rustin for his Birthday and Ryder loves it just as much as Rustin does!