Monday, January 10, 2011

Playtime Imagination

We got Cody this little table and chairs and he really enjoys playing there. He take his cars and his little imagination and spends a lot of time sitting there as content as can be.
He love, loves, loves to park his cars in different places so I made him these little cubbies with nesting blocks from Target. I couldn't find anything already made like this so I hot glued the boxes together and he loves to park his cars in them. He's very A-type and is always re-arranging the cars into just the right boxes...and they have to line up just right or it bugs him if they stick out. Usually the boxes are filled with cars but I took these pictures just as he started pulling the cars out for the day.
We always hit up the dollar spot at Target for more cars to add to his collection. Here he is picking just the right one. If there's a vehicle to play with he will find it.
We often stack the legos to form a "garage" for the cars. This was the orignal way we parked cars until the boxes came along. Lego's are fun...but they tend to fall if mommy or daddy isn't close, the boxes are more suited for independent play.
However, the lego box makes a good seat while watching t.v.
We love watching his little imagination come to life as he plays! He makes car sounds while pushing them around and says "beep beep". So fun watching him be all boy!


  1. What a great idea, Carley! I love the "garage." Henry would have loved that at Cody's age!!

  2. Super idea!!! Love it! PS...Cody looks so grown up!!! All the sudden he doesn't look like a baby...but a little boy. They grow up too fast!