Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We got about 5 inches of snow last weekend...and Cody learned a new word: Snow! The day it actually snowed he stood in the doorway and watched it falling. He was definately curious....but not too interested in going too far outside. I didn't even bother putting his coat on him since he wouldn't venture out. He would repeat every word I said: "pretty", "snow", "cold", "brrr" and "see it" in his cute little hard to understand sometimes but we know what he's saying way.
The next day we bundled him up (without gloves because he would not let me put them on) and took him outside. He loved walking around in the snow and had a big smile on his face....until he fell and his hands sunk into the snow and were freezing, which I knew would happen but I couldn't convince him to let me put on his gloves.
He didn't really want to come inside or go back outside but was still curious. So, I scooped up the snow into this bowl and he had fun playing with it and eating it. Eventually, I put a little grape juice on it and made him a little snow cone in a bowl. I love these rosy cheeks!
He likes to look out the window and say "snow" while he points to what hasn't melted away. And sometimes will say "bye-bye snow" while waving.

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  1. Look how big he looks walking around in the snow! I'm glad he didn't love rolling around in it-Joy didn't like it at all and I was worried...ha! Yay for snow cones ;)