Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alaska's 1st City: Ketchikan

We are only docked in Ketchikan a short time and there isn't that much to see.  However, our favorite place to go is called Ketchicandies and they have the best chocolate dipped oreos. We had to take Cody since oreos are his favorite.  However, he was happier with gummie worms.
Float planes are really fun to watch taking off and landing on the water.  We have been on a float plane with the Insight for Living staff on other trips to Alaska but opted not to take Cody on one this year. He sure loved watching them, though!
The only picture we have of all 5 of us!
I loved Jason and Cody's matching vests!
 We went to the visitor center and Cody loves running up and down the ramps they had inside and outside.  It was a grea way to burn some energy and he giggled the whole time.

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