Monday, August 22, 2011

Victoria - Canada

Our last stop is in Victoria, Canada!  We are docked from 6pm to midnight so all we like to do is get off the ship for a bit and find somewhere to eat dinner and then walk around the streets!
This is where we got our passports stamped and Cody's first stamp on his!
The Empress Hotel is a famous place that is fun to hang out at and explore. The grounds around the hotel are beautiful!

Our attempt at a family picture under this neat tree outside the hotel.
Another amazing and big for a two year old!

Cody enjoyed running all over! 
Totem poles are all over Alaska and Victoria.
And the flowers are beautiful!

Cody is really in to telling us which way to go and so this time we pretty much followed him around while he explored...after all we did coop him up in a ship for 7 days!
"I want to go "this way"!
Our ship at night!

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