Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cody on the go!

Cody has decided this is how he likes to hold on to the shopping cart!
 Cody calls this his bicycle!  It's a hand-me-down from our neighbors and he rides it all around the house and up and down the street.  He goes fast!
This is how he likes to shop at Target! When we discovered this cart it made shopping more fun for everyone.  He stays put and loves to ride!  When I stop he does get off and help me put things in the cart.  Sometimes at check out I find surprise items!
 Cody has recently started lounging on the floor like this! (He only gets his paci at nap time and night time and does really well with this new "rule".)
He loves to sit and play on these rides.
Ice cream is his favorite...just like his daddy! He always asks for chocolate chips in a side bowl to add to the ice cream little by little. We get him the mini chips and he loves it.
Making a Christmas wish list...he was pointing at all the fun things in this catalog.

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