Sunday, November 20, 2011


Cody was NOT interested in dressing up for Halloween, at all! So, we settled for this pumpkin shirt. My mom had bought him a cute Curious George costume since he loves "Georgie" but no matter what I did to get him to like it he wouldn't change his mind.  That brown mark on the shirt is my eye liner which he inists is a "color".
The Friday night before Halloween our church had a fall festival!   
I'm glad we went, although Cody learned the hard lessons in life about waiting in lines for his turn and having a time limit once it was his turn. But, he did enjoy the evening anyway!  He loves to be around people!
The Student Ministries had a section of games that they hosted and the staff and students dressed up too.  We told Cody that daddy was Woody from Toy Story. Ha!  Cody's favorite part of the evening was listening to the Student Ministry worship band play and dancing in front of their stage. 
On Halloween morning we went to a Pumpkin Patch in Celina as a family and then that afternoon met up with Jennie and her kids at the park! There is a lot of chasing each other and giggles with these boys!
Cody loves playing with David and Joshua.
Jennie's kids had on the cutest Halloween shirts.
My mom came over for a visit and to see trick or treaters.  We stood outside and watched the neighbors trick or treat and Cody would get excited when he'd see the kids in costumes coming up our sidewalk.  He quickly learned how to say "trick or treat" and would place one piece of candy in their bags.  I would them go behind him and give more. He never caught on that others were trick or treating but he wasn't.  He just liked seeing the kids and handing them candy.  Maybe next year he will dress up and get to go trick or treating but for now, he enjoyed helping us!

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