Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Special Friends

We have had a standing tradition for several years now to go to Double Dips with the Wilborns and the Ball's on Sunday night. Cody wasn't even born when we started doing this.  I think Ty and David were the only kids and we have quickly grown!  The Wilborn's are moving at the end of this month and I think we are all still in denial.  We share in their happiness as they move to Mary's hometown, though I think a little of my heart is going with them.  Jennie, Mary and I have spent time together, with our kids, almost weekly for the last several years.  Our husbands are all very good friends and our families get along great! We do life together!  We know the in's and out's of each others lives and are safe in the secrets of our friendships.  Our kids know each other well, play together with excitement, squeal and run around with joy when they see each other, are comfortable at each others houses, and often refer to each other as "cousins".  We will miss getting to see the Wilborns on a weekly (often 2 and 3 times a week) basis but we know our friendships will still be strong....after all it will only take an hour to see them! I will just thave to explain to Cody why it takes so long to get to "Mary's house!" and Jennie and I will be making road trips together often!
 David (5), Ty (5), Cody (2.5), Charlie (4), Joshua (2), and Joy (2.5), (Kiley (10 months) not pictured)


  1. Awww...hugs sweet Carley! I'm excited that I will hopefully get to see more of you! I think Mary will only be about 15-20 minutes away from me once they move and we need to plan a monthly date! Precious picture of all of your kiddos!

  2. Oh friend I remember reading this a few weeks ago and just crying :( but it's true-our friendship is strong and we will burn up the road to make sure the kids still think they're cousins!