Tuesday, March 29, 2011

21 Months

Since getting Cody to sit still is impossible these days. We decided to take him to the park and get some candid pictures of him. I love his profile. I have a sonogram picture of him that shows it perfectly and love when we capture it in a picture! He is contantly using his hand to say "where is ______?" or puts it next to his ear as he says "here that?" Cody has NO FEAR! He loves slides and isn't afraid to go down by himself no matter how tall. And of course, wants to try and climb back up. Cody has learned how to climb this wall. The only problem is when he's at the top he turns around and jumps off assuming someone is there to catch him. So we have to be on guard at certain high place and are trying to teach him to count before he jumps to give us a heads up. He does this on our stair case at home too. Seriously, no fear. Here he is ready to jump. He loves standing on this pole that spins around....he's learned this by watching the "big kids" and copying them. We should have known trying to make Cody pose for a picture while at the park wouldn't work. He did not want to be stopped. And we often get this when we try and hold him and he wants down. Such a big boy! He runs non-stop the minute we get out of the car at the park and plays hard. It's always hard to tell him it is time to go because he's never ready to leave. He loves being outside!

Monday, March 28, 2011

P90X with Daddy

Jason works out to P90X in our garage and if Cody realizes he's out there he can't stand not going out to see Daddy. Cody copies what Jason does and likes to watch the guy on the DVD.
Here he is watching Jason...I love how he admires his Daddy!
Just like Daddy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cody's opnion on what to wear!

Cars are still Cody's favorite thing in life! He cracks me up at how excited he gets when there's a car/train/truck/tractor/bulldozer on his shirt. Sometimes he actually will thumb through his shirts in his closet and pick what he likes or say "yes" or "no" if I hold one up. It's too funny! If I'm folding laundry and he sees something that is his he will say "Cody" and ask to put it on....so of course, it's too cute not to give in even if it means more laundry. I thought this shirt was exceptionally cute and he was excited about it! And...it's rare I can get him to wear a hat anymore but this day he must have forgot I put it on him. And while I'm at it I should mention how picky he is about which shoes to wear. He only has one pair he likes and I haven't figured out why. The good news it's his stride rite (read: most pricey) pair so he's getting good use of them. He has super wide feet and I think they are the most comfortable. And forget crocs or sandles....he likes socks. He almost always has one or two matchbox cars in his hands at all times.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Everything!

I have had my eye on this "Happy Everything" plate for a long time but it's just not something you buy yourself! There is a cute, little, packed full of treasures, (spendy) gift shop right next door to the Tom Thumb that I shop at all the time and every time I go I stare through the window and drool over this plate. Guess what?? Jason, my sweet, amazing (and not just because he got me this plate, he really is awesome!) hubby, surprised me with it this weekend! I change out the attachments at the top for the season, holiday or occasion! He got me the next couple holidays coming up and I'll keep collecting them! I just love it!
There is an assortment of attachments...here are a few! I can't wait to collect them all.
It's the little things that excite me!

Monday, March 14, 2011


It started like this: very interested in watching the neighbors get their yard mowed! Then he ran inside and got this: and began "mowing". And last he ventured to this: he went from the sidewalk to all around the grass! Love watching his creative mind work!

Cody has discovered cookie dough!

I made cookies one night when my mom was coming over and Cody was helping/watching. He loves to sit on the counter and watch me bake/cook. I took this beater off and laid it on the counter and gave him a little spoon with cookie dough on it. The next thing I knew he had abandoned the spoon and went for the beater! And the funny part was he kept saying "mmmm" as he licked it!

Cody's Friends

We had Mary and Jennie and their kids (Ty, Charlie, Joy, David, Joshua and Kylie) over for a playdate last week. We always enjoy watching the kids play while having adult conversation. Here's my house after playing! Jennie helped me clean while Mary ran Ty to school. Makes for a fun morning and Cody loves having his friends over! We got a pizza and sat all the kids around the table. Our kitchen table is a tall bistro table so we used our other table that sits lower to the gound. They were so cute! And little Kylie (almost 2 months) slept through lunch.
Cody had fun sitting at the table (instead of his highchair) like a big boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Running and Climbing

Cody doesn't walk anywhere...he RUNS! He is always moving and is fast! We take him to parks and let him run out some energy and if there's something to climb on its an added bonus!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Jammies

Cody's (Great) Uncle Bruce mailed him these bear long-john jammies. He looked so cute in them!