Sunday, November 20, 2011


Cody was NOT interested in dressing up for Halloween, at all! So, we settled for this pumpkin shirt. My mom had bought him a cute Curious George costume since he loves "Georgie" but no matter what I did to get him to like it he wouldn't change his mind.  That brown mark on the shirt is my eye liner which he inists is a "color".
The Friday night before Halloween our church had a fall festival!   
I'm glad we went, although Cody learned the hard lessons in life about waiting in lines for his turn and having a time limit once it was his turn. But, he did enjoy the evening anyway!  He loves to be around people!
The Student Ministries had a section of games that they hosted and the staff and students dressed up too.  We told Cody that daddy was Woody from Toy Story. Ha!  Cody's favorite part of the evening was listening to the Student Ministry worship band play and dancing in front of their stage. 
On Halloween morning we went to a Pumpkin Patch in Celina as a family and then that afternoon met up with Jennie and her kids at the park! There is a lot of chasing each other and giggles with these boys!
Cody loves playing with David and Joshua.
Jennie's kids had on the cutest Halloween shirts.
My mom came over for a visit and to see trick or treaters.  We stood outside and watched the neighbors trick or treat and Cody would get excited when he'd see the kids in costumes coming up our sidewalk.  He quickly learned how to say "trick or treat" and would place one piece of candy in their bags.  I would them go behind him and give more. He never caught on that others were trick or treating but he wasn't.  He just liked seeing the kids and handing them candy.  Maybe next year he will dress up and get to go trick or treating but for now, he enjoyed helping us!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parker Comes to Play

Parker and Kristin came in for a visit!  I was so excited for Cody to get to play with his cousin.  They are 7 months apart and love each other! They are at such a fun age to enjoy playing together! Kristin went to the State Fair and my mom had to work so Cody, Parker and I hung out one afternoon. We spent a lot of time outside on the trampoline.  Parker kept wanting to "jump" and Cody liked having someone to jump with!
They also played in the sandbox...
Played on the slide....

Rode cars and bikes around the house....
Played with balls in the tunnel...
Had a snack and watched a video...
Took a bath....
And snuggled in jammies....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Special Friends

We have had a standing tradition for several years now to go to Double Dips with the Wilborns and the Ball's on Sunday night. Cody wasn't even born when we started doing this.  I think Ty and David were the only kids and we have quickly grown!  The Wilborn's are moving at the end of this month and I think we are all still in denial.  We share in their happiness as they move to Mary's hometown, though I think a little of my heart is going with them.  Jennie, Mary and I have spent time together, with our kids, almost weekly for the last several years.  Our husbands are all very good friends and our families get along great! We do life together!  We know the in's and out's of each others lives and are safe in the secrets of our friendships.  Our kids know each other well, play together with excitement, squeal and run around with joy when they see each other, are comfortable at each others houses, and often refer to each other as "cousins".  We will miss getting to see the Wilborns on a weekly (often 2 and 3 times a week) basis but we know our friendships will still be strong....after all it will only take an hour to see them! I will just thave to explain to Cody why it takes so long to get to "Mary's house!" and Jennie and I will be making road trips together often!
 David (5), Ty (5), Cody (2.5), Charlie (4), Joshua (2), and Joy (2.5), (Kiley (10 months) not pictured)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cody on the go!

Cody has decided this is how he likes to hold on to the shopping cart!
 Cody calls this his bicycle!  It's a hand-me-down from our neighbors and he rides it all around the house and up and down the street.  He goes fast!
This is how he likes to shop at Target! When we discovered this cart it made shopping more fun for everyone.  He stays put and loves to ride!  When I stop he does get off and help me put things in the cart.  Sometimes at check out I find surprise items!
 Cody has recently started lounging on the floor like this! (He only gets his paci at nap time and night time and does really well with this new "rule".)
He loves to sit and play on these rides.
Ice cream is his favorite...just like his daddy! He always asks for chocolate chips in a side bowl to add to the ice cream little by little. We get him the mini chips and he loves it.
Making a Christmas wish list...he was pointing at all the fun things in this catalog.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, What Fun!

Cody enjoyed entertaining himself with this box one weekend!
He would curl up inside and want us to "close the door" so he was completely inside the box!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Jackson, Grand Teton National Park and Jenny Lake

We ended our trip in Jackson Hole!  Randy, Diane and Uncle Bruce joined us there for the day before spending two more days at the campsite in Yellowstone.  We took a relaxing boat ride across Jenny Lake and we all had fun watching Cody's excitement of being on the boat.
Once on the other side of the lake we took a short but steep hike.  This was Cody's first hike and he wanted to jump down or up any rock, log, step that he came across.
The Grand Tetons are our favorite mountain range! 
We did some shopping and hung out in Jackson square before we said good-bye to Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Bruce.  Cody found a new friend!
The end of a vacation is sad but saying good-bye to family is even harder! We had a wonderful trip!