Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Family Christmas!

1st Christmas with this sweet girl!
Cody had his heart set on this train table since last July. He has asked and begged and went to look at it at Toys R Us for months. He told everyone that this is what he was getting for of course, we didn't disappoint. We stayed up late on Christmas Eve building it so it would be a fun surprise on Christmas morning.  And Karis loves playing with her little walker toy.
They tree all ready for Christmas morning.
One happy little boy!!!
Bubbie, Parker, Kristin and Clay joined us for Christmas dinner and gifts. The boys were excited they each had a big gift from Bubbie.
Baby's 1st Christmas!
 My mom had taken Cody to Austin for Parker's birthday party and while he was gone we wrapped all the gifts. He was so excited when he got home and sweetly asked if he could open one gift before Christmas and we gave in. It was fun watching him get excited when we said yes...I don't think he was expecting that answer.
 Karis helped us wrap!
What a fun Christmas we had this year spending time at home and enjoying our kids!

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