Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas in Oregon in January

 We went to visit Jason's parents in Oregon in January since the cost of plane tickets were so much cheaper! Cody and Jason sat behind me and Karis on the flight. Cody is an awesome traveler and Karis did as well as a baby does on her first flight. We spent the extra money to get her a seat and it made it so much easier. 

 When she got a little restless I used the iPad and blues clues to distract her since Cody had fallen asleep.  Other than crying herself to sleep from exhaustion at one point she was good.
 Of course, the very first thing we did when we got to Grandpa and Grandma's house was open Christmas gifts.
 We spent one day driving to the coast so that Cody could play in the sand and see the ocean. He hasn't ever been to the ocean and after doing a lesson at his preschool on the beach and ocean animals he has been asking to go. Nothing like his first beach experience to be 50 degrees and drizzly rain. He had a blast though and we can't wait to take him again in the summertime. Karis got all bundled up to watch him play! I can't get over how cute the little boots are that my mom found for her!
 Sometimes she just refuses to smile!
He LOVED every minute!
 She wasn't too crazy about being bundled up and confined to her stroller but still watched her brother work hard on his sand castle.
 We got to spend a whole day playing with cousins.  He LOVES Lucy and Avery and wishes they lived in Texas.
 I never got a picture of them in their matching jammies on Christmas so I made sure to get one in Oregon in front of Grandma and Grandpa's tree.
We did a lot of fun things while in Oregon including going on a carousel ride in Salem. He rode the horses but also loved sitting in the covered wagon.
Randy and Diane (Grandma and Grandpa) spoil all of us when we go to visit and we are blessed to be able to make memories with them.

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