Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jason's Mini Me

People are always saying how Cody looks like Jason! I love that he looks so much like his handsome daddy. Sometimes Iwish we could freeze time and enjoy each phase of Cody's life a little longer. But then it just seems that each phase gets more and more fun/sweet! I can't believe he's almost three months old! He is such a sweet baby and we are proud parents who can't get enough of him sometimes. Here are some cute pics that I took of my two favorite guys!


  1. These are so precious Carley! You're right, he does look like Jason, but I can see you in him too. So, I'm sure Mary is already doing a great job recruiting you into Baby Bunching...but in case she isn't... isn't it time to begin thinking about another baby? ;-) Kidding, of course. You've got a couple more months at least! lol.

  2. Oh those are great!! He kinda looked like you right when he was born...but man he is Jason for sure. Maybe one day he'll look like you again!

  3. Okay I'm changing my mind--the last picture he totally looks like you.