Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Special Friends

Good-byes are never easy and this one is especially hard for me. Jason and I have spent a lot of time with Mark and Priscilla (and their 3 children) over the last 6 years! They are two of the wisest people we know and we respect both of them deeply. We jump at any opportunity to hang out with them. We've had many double dates and spent many nights at their home playing cards, sharing a meal, having dessert, talking and laughing. Jason always enjoys time that he gets to spend with Mark talking about ministry. Priscilla and I have spent many hours talking about life and I always leave feeling so special after spending time with her. We share the same love language...quality time! We have laughed together and cried together and prayed for each other. It's a friendship that I treasure and hold very close to my heart. I will miss the face to face talks but know she will just be a phone call away! Mark and Priscilla will now be living in Denver, Colorado! Mark has been there for over a month and Priscilla has been back and forth taking care of things before she moves up there permanently. Mark is the new President of Denver Seminary and we are so proud of him! Although we will miss having them close by we love that they are living in a place that we LOVE to visit! We will definately be making trips to see them. Any excuse to get Jason to the mountains! Mark officiated our wedding and the next 4 pictures are from that day! We were honored to have them be such a big part of our wedding and continue to be a part of our marriage!
They came to the hospital to visit Cody! This was a special moment for us and couldn't wait for them to meet our son. I had a really hard time emotionally and physically with my c-section and the minute Priscilla walked in the room and gave me a hug I started to cry. She and I had many talks on childbirth and she knew all my dreams and excitement for that day. When things didn't go as planned she knew my disappointments without me even having to say anything. I'll never forget that special moment with her while I lay in the hospital bed and she sat and talked to me.
This was a special day that Priscilla came over and we sat on my couch and talked about life and she got to see Cody. I love this picture of them together. Cody slept in the same cradle that Mark and Priscilla used for their 3rd child, Christian. Ellaine made the bedding for it! It was special that we were able to use this. Here we are at their daughter, Bonnie's wedding! Bonnie is a very special person to me as well! She and her new hubby live close to us and so I'm glad I'll still get to see her.
We love you guys so much and will be making a trip to Denver to see you very soon!! Thank you for investing in our lives and supporting us in all the ways that you do!


  1. Such a sweet tribute! It kinda made it all seem real that they won't be here anymore-I got really sad!! I'm sure you won't have to pull Jason's arm to get him up to Denver though :)

  2. Carley, you are so sweet to say all those nice things about us! And put up all the pictures! What a history we have with you and Jason, now Cody too. You guys are really special in our lives too, and we thank God for intersecting our journeys way back when. We'll miss seeing you often, but know that you will find all kinds of reasons to come to Denver to visit (not just to see us, I know-HA!) We love you!