Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cody's 6 Month Pictures

(This post is 1 1/2 weeks late in posting) Once again we are amazed at how Cody is constantly changing. This past month he has learned so much! He has started eating vegetables. We started with sweet potatoes and carrots. He loves carrots the best and gets so excited anticipating the next bite. I've been learning how to make his baby food so that's fun as well....and save money! He sits in his high chair and is such a big boy. He has also started sitting in high chairs at restaurants. That's fun and makes it much easier for us to eat. He grabs everything in sight and also drops everything he holds. So, we are in the stage of picking up things around the high chair. He also sits in the basket of shopping carts as well. He smiles and is so proud of himself when I set him in there. It's made shopping easier as well. He loves to be out and watch people and hear the sounds and look at all the colors. He's an easy baby to run errands with. The biggest milestone this month was learning to sit on his own! It seems like he mastered it overnight. He sits on the floor and plays with his toys for long lenghts of time. I love it! We have a basket of toys that we put in front of him and he'll pull the toys out one by one and play. He's gotten so vocal! He loves to just talk and talk and use his voice to try and communicate what he needs/wants. We have started trying to teach him a few signs. Right now we are starting with "more" and "all done". So far he just looks at us like we are weird but hopefully he'll figure it out. He has started trying to hold his bottle on his own. He can get it to his mouth but can't tip it high enough to get anything out. When we are feeding him he will put his hands on the bottle to help hold it. It's so neat to see that he knows how it works. We've also started trying to teach him how to use the sippy cup. Cody is sleeping from 7pm to 6am. He still will wake up once but for the most part we are not feeding him in the middle of the night and trying to get him to go back to sleep on his own. I would love for his bedtime to be 7:30 or 8 but right now he is ready to go to bed by 7. He falls asleep at night listening to music. He's started rubbing his eyes when he's tired. Cody still smiles all the time, leans in for hugs and kisses and kicks his feet when he's excited. His laugh is contagious. He's at the age now where we can play peek-a-boo or other "games" and he gets excited. We've started reading books with him and he loves to anticipate turning the page. Right now it's small cardboard books with very few words but he will sit in our laps and and look at the pages. When the book is done he looks at up, kicks his feet and makes his noise letting us know he wants to read it again. It's so fun to be able to start reading to him. He is still in a size 2 diaper but not for long. We still haven't had to buy diapers (because of our diaper shower) and have 2 more packs of size 2 left so I'm trying to stretch him even though he's probably ready to move up to size 3. He wears 6-9 month clothes. Weight: 16 pounds (25%) Height: 26 inches (50%) Head: 17.5 inches (75%) It's hard to get him to smile when we hold he camera up because he's more interested in the camera. So, this months pics didn't quite capture his smile! But I love this outfit on him. We have an obsession in our house with Moose and I loved this the minute I saw it. We love this little guy so much and look forward to what he'll be learning next!

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