Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cody's Newest Milestone!

This has been my favorite milestone so far and it seemed like it happened over night! Cody can sit up by himself!! We've been working on teaching him how to balance himself and it seemed like everyday he went longer and longer at sitting with no help! We stayed close by because he would still topple over and get frustrated. But, he can now do it all by himself for a long time and even play with his toys! He's so proud and we love it! Now he knows how to catch himself when he is about to topple and really only falls over when he looks up too high or reaches too far for a toy! We can even leave the room and he'll still be sitting and playing by himself! Bubbe (my mom) got him this now toy that he can play sitting up and he loves it! Tomorrow he'll be 6 months old! He's such a big boy and we are loving watching him!


  1. Big boy Cody! He looks different isn't that wild how fast they change?? He's adorable! Before you know it he will be all over your house! Gates, here we(you) come!